En 10253-2 Elbow

Check Sizes of En 10253-2 Type A Elbow, En 10253-2 Elbow Dimensions

Pipe fittings are used in piping to make the installation and operation easier. There are different types of fittings such as reducers, tees, caps, elbows and couplings. Rajveer Stainless And Alloys is a manufacturer and supplier of different types of pipe fittings. There are standards according to which these fittings should be made. The En 10253-2 Type A Elbow indicates that the elbow has to be made as per EN 10253 standard and it belongs to type A. The type A means that the elbow would come out at you while you stand in front of your downspout whereas a B type elbow would turn left or right away from you. The En 10253-2 Type B Elbow and the type A elbow are both used according to the requirement at the installation site.

En 10253-2 Elbow

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The En 10253-2 Fittings has certain technical delivery requirements such as the types, markings, the steel grade, the package, the dimensions and so on. It is easy for the customer to know the details by the specification. The Bend En 10253-2-type A is similar to the type A elbow but the bend is longer, eliminating the sudden pressure on the walls. The DIN En 10253 2 Type B Elbow is short and it can excerpt much pressure at turns. However, our BS En 10253-2 Type B Elbow and other fittings are made up of superior quality and undergo careful testing so that our customers can get the best products. Please feel free to contact us for any technical and pricing information.


Specification List of En 10253-2 Elbow

Specification EN 10253/1
EN 10253/2 Type A – reduced load factor
EN 10253/2 Type B – full load factor
Test Certificate Manufacturer Test Certificate As Per EN10204 3.1, 3.2 / Under Third Party Inspection Agency Like DNV, LLOYDS, SGS, TUV, ABS ETC / Laboratory Test Certificate From NABL Approved Lab.
Delivery Conditions As Normalized and Tempered - BR / N / Q /T, Machined, Rolled, Thermomechanical Rolled / Formed, Normalizing Rolled
Dimension Standard MSS SP44, ANSI B16.48, ANSI B16.36, ANSI B16.28, ANSI B16.47, ANSI B16.5
Make Process Rolled, Forged, Machining
Types EN 10253 Elbow
2d Outer Diameter & Wall Thickness Size 1/2" NB To 60" NB (Nominal Bore Size)
Wall Thickness: from 1 mm to 100 mm
Packaging Plastic End Caps / Bundle / Wooden Box / Loose / Plastic Cloth Wraps / Wooden Pallet / Beveled Protector


Dimension Chart of En 10253-2 Type A Elbow

En 10253-2 Type A Elbow

EN 10253-1, Bauart 3, 90°
15 21,3 2,0 29 38
20 26,9 2,3 29 43
25 33,7 2,6 38 56
32 42,4 2,6 48 70
40 48,3 2,6 57 83
50 60,3 2,9 76 106
65 76,1 2,9 95 132
80 88,9 3,2 114 159
100 114,3 3,6 152 210
125 139,7 4,0 190 262
150 168,3 4,5 229 313
200 219,1 6,3 305 414
250 273,0 6,3 381 518
300 323,9 7,1 457 619


Application of En 10253-2 Elbow

  • Gas Scrubbing Plants
  • Pulp and Paper Processing Industries
  • Seawater Cooling Devices
  • Wiring In Electrostatic Precipitators
  • Oil Refinery
  • Acetic, Phosphoric and Sulphuric Acid Processing Plants
  • Architectural railings

What are the difference in 2D / 3D and 5D en 10253-2 elbow?

The elbows are pipe fittings that connect two pipes in different directions. The change of the direction in fluid flow can be different. The 45 degrees and 90 degrees elbows are the usual ones. But there are special types when they have long radiuses. The radius is measured in relation to the pipe’s outer diameter. If the radius of the elbow is 2 times the outer diameter of the pipe, it is called a 2D elbow. If the radius is 3 times the diameter, it is 3D elbow and if it is 5 times, it is called a 5D elbow. It is important to have special radiuses to reduce the impact and stress on the pipe walls due to the sudden change of direction in high pressure and high speed fluid flow lines.